Carl Press Leesa Press Rebecca Tisdell


LEESA PRESS nickname…The Chick


I am married to the “Boss” and have two boys.  (At times being married to the boss has its advantages and disadvantages!)   

My work experiences have always been in the Accounting Industry in Raymond Terrace and Newcastle.  I have owned a business before this in the food industry and we were lucky with our backgrounds that the management side came easily and dealing with the public, gives a whole understanding of the human race!!! 

The ‘boss’  (Carl) and I have always worked in the same offices, which is great because together we knew exactly how we wanted to manage our Company, from the mundane jobs like filing to the important infrastructure of success.

 My contribution to New England Business Consultants Pty Ltd is management, secretarial and public relations.  (Public relations have been defined by Carl as talking too much, whether it is on the phone to clients or in the office or doing the jobs up the street….that’s my favorite part of the job.) 

However, all jokes aside…. I am a firm believer that to run a successful business, you have to be here all the time and have your finger on the pulse.  But if you enjoy your job and work with great people, then it makes life easier.